2 years.

I apologies in advance for all the mistakes that I´ll commit writing in a language that isn’t mine. I most to admit that I wrote before in Spanish with the idea to find the right words that I want to say. Also, you must to know that I talk English like a combination of sounds. But the most important that you need to know is that I’m doing this because I want include all the beautiful people that doesn’t speak my language.

I would like to say thank you to all of you. Every human being that opened his heart to me and let me into his life, thanks. Be strange isn’t easy. Open my soul and my mind everyday is a challenge. For you and for me.

I’m a new person, but I’m still be the same. The years hasn’t been accumulated unsuccessful, the contrary, they are increasing. The evolution wasn’t conscious but was  voluntary.  Sometimes I still feel afraid in the night, or I want to cry really badly, run way, go back to my home. Where is that place?

I’m a believer that that place isn’t a place in this word. I believe that home is in ours hearts. Is that reason that motivated me to write in English.

Because today, my «home», is getting bigger… and is’t thank to the people who choose me. And one language isn’t enough. I feel very lucky to met you, because you found me on the way, we connected and you take care about me, you give me all what I need for make my home: love.

Thank you for choosing me in this moment of your life for share the time and your feelings, and emotions.  Thanks for let me be myself in a new way. Thank you for all the hugs that you give me and you will give me, thanks for the kisses, for the laughs, the tears, for walk with me and for let me go. Thanks for teach me every single thing that you want to show me.

Two years ago I came to Israel, at least until now, I’ve learned so many! Look I’m writing on English! I talk different, I look, I walk, I feel, I love different. Two years ago…That’s was the moment when I left the belly of my province. One year more learning, growing, flying. Happy birthday, happy life. Thanks for be by my side and for many years more together.


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